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Product: 433645

Nintendo DS Lite LCD Screen Protector / Screen Guard, with Application Card and Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Product Description

OEM design for exact fit

Ultra high transparency

Anti static and no-bubble application

Touch-screen friendly

Removable without leaving residue

Imported from USA

Premium high quality three layers screen protectors by WimexTM. The screen protector is designed to OEM specification
assuring exact fit. Depending on phone model, the screen protector may have hole cut out for speaker and/or power
button. The screen protector is made of high durability, high transparent PET material. The high transparent material
allows the screen protector to be invisible from your eyes while protecting the LCD. This screen protector is also
touchscreen friendly, i.e. it will not affect the touchscreen functionality. Out of all the features, the most important
characteristic of this screen protector is it can be removed without leaving any sticky residue to the LCD screen.
Application Instruction: Composed of three layers, the middle layer serves as the core layer that protects the LCD
screen. When applying, the first layer (indicated with Step 1 on picture) is removed to expose the middle layer which
will then be applied to the LCD screen. An application card is then used to smooth out the surface. Please note that the
third layer (indicated with Step 2 in picture) is covering the middle layer from the application card. Once surface
smoothing process is completed, the third layer can then be peeled off leaving the middle layer to protect the LCD
screen. Included with the screen protector are: 1 x application card, 1 x microfiber cleaning cloth. *30 days money back
satisfaction guarantee by WimexTM*