Beseler Cadet II 35mm Film Enlarger with Lens and Negative Carrier (Black and White)

by Beseler

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Product ID: 434402


  • An internal zooming ability allows the focal length to be adjusted without the over-all length
  • Filters, such as circular polarizers and other special effect
  • Thanks to the internal focusing mechanism
  • The filter will not move during focusing
  • This addition to Beseler's family of high-quality American made enlargers, the CADET II is ideally suited for both
    beginners and experienced amateur 35mm photographers. Its compact, lightweight design, plus ease of assembly, setup and
    storage offers the perfect solution for the temporary or traveling darkroom. The CADET II comes equipped ready for use,
    complete with a 50mm Beslar lens, 35mm negative / slide carrier, a filter drawer for 3" x 3" color or variable contrast
    printing filters, 2-1/4" optical glass condenser, and a 14-1/4" x 11-3/4" white laminated baseboard for enlargements up
    to 8" x 10". The reversible column allows for floor projection and large magnifications. The column features a
    counter-balanced elevation control, as well as, an elevation scale for speedy print sizing.


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