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Product: 434552

Polaroid Optics 58mm IR720 Infrared X-Ray Filter

Product Description

Polaroid IR Filter: This Filter Will Filter Out Most Light Below And Above The Wavelength Of 720 Nanometers (Infrared)

Add a Unique, Creative, Fun Filter To Your Arsenal For Spectacular Artistic Effects

This Filter Can Help You To See Perfectly Through Sunglasses And Dark, Tinted Car Windows And Sometomes Even In Total Darkness

IR Filters Used In Conjunction With An IR Sensitive Camera Can Sometimes See Things Completely Invisible To The Human Eye.

Imported from USA

The Polaroid IR720 camera filter is so named because it will filter out most light below and above the wavelength of 720
nanometers (Near infrared). The filter blocks most visible light and is therefore very opaque. In addition a cameras
auto exposure will not work. It is recommended that a tripod be used in conjunction with this filter because exposure
times tend to be quite long. When using this filter, compose your scene first, then attach the filter. Most digital
camera sensors are inherently sensitive to infrared wavelengths. To prevent the auto exposure system from miscalculating
exposure settings, digital cameras incorporate infrared blockers and special lens coatings. In spite of this, unique
variations of uncontrollable focus, improper exposure and hot spots can create spectacular artistic effects.

Polaroid filters continue the brand's long legacy of superior optical solutions. All our filters are carefully
formulated to ensure consistent color and accuracy throughout the entire surface of the glass. Why? Consistent color
means consistent high quality results. We know that a poorly made filter makes a great lens and camera worthless, that's
why the our frame rings are constructed of special alloys that won't expand or contract over time or due to temperature
extremes-it's also why we back our filters with an 10 year warranty-because we engineer them to last.

Like all Polaroid optics, Polaroid filters are precision manufactured to the most demanding of tolerances. This ensures
consistent high quality results even after years of use.