Genus GL G-SFOCDSLR Superior Follow Focus System for DSLR Cameras

by Genus

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Product ID: 434681


  • Quick clamp on design
  • Silky smooth action
  • Designed for use with DSLR type cameras
  • reusable beveled marking disk
  • The Genus G-SFOC Superior Follow Focus System designed especially for DSLR type cameras. This flexible follow focus
    system allows you to change pitch gears easily depending on your camera. This follow focus features a clamp-on quick bar
    release mechanism which allows you to detach the system without taking everything else off your rig. Sliding bracket to
    allow for quick and easy change of pitch gears. Smooth rotation on the focus gear for smooth movement. The pitch Gear
    assembly can also be flipped to accommodate reverse rotation depending on application. The beveled marking disc can be
    reused again and again (use pencil or non-permanent marker). This follow focus comes with a G-PG08 0.8 Pitch Gear and
    G-FG Flexible Lens Gear Ring.