Swivl Personal Cameraman - Hands-Free Control with Wireless Mic for iOS Devices or Pocket Cameras

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Product ID: 435516


  • Easily self-capture lecture, videos, and presentations
  • Record high-quality audio at the source with integrated wireless mic (iOS devices only)
  • Start/stop/tilt from across the room with wireless remote
  • Use with iPhone, iPod touch, or tripod-enabled pocket cams
  • Tripod-mountable and runs on AA and AAA batteries (included)
  • Capture your passion more easily than ever. With Swivl you can create great-looking videos with automatic panning and
    CD-quality sound using just your iPhone or pocket cam. No more tedious setup, no more awkwardness of being watched
    during filming. Simply connect your device and Swivl automatically follows you as you move-horizontally and vertically
    on demand. And the integrated wireless mic captures audio at the source for high quality sound, even in noisy
    environments. Perfect for lectures, engaging home tours, marketing or how-to videos, and playing with the kids. It even
    works with existing applications like FaceTime, Ustream, and more.