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Product: 435744

Product Description

Flexible surveillance software for Axis network video

If 18 camera licenses are required, you will need to buy one 5-license package, and three 1-license upgrades to add to the 10-base license that can be provided in the initial software purchase.

If 6 camera licenses are required, you will need to buy two 1-license upgrades to add to the 4-base license that can be provided in the initial software purchase.)

1-year upgrade license

The 4- and 10-base license packs include a 1-year possibility to upgrade to a newer version of AXIS Camera Station when available. After one year, a yearly "Upgrade license" is needed in order to upgrade to a newer version.

Imported from USA

If you are looking for both an easy way to manage your Axis IP-camera-based surveillance system, and add functionality
at the same time, the Axis Camera Station Software (10-camera License) is for you. AXIS Camera Station software is an
IP-surveillance software that works with Axis network cameras and video servers to provide video monitoring, recording
and event management functions.

With the AXIS Camera Station installed on your Windows PC, you can simultaneously view and record images or video from
multiple cameras. This software includes multiple recording modes, such as continuous, scheduled, on-alarm and on-motion
detection. The embedded AXIS Image Enhancer component can be unlocked with an additional license key (sold separately)
and activated to improve image clarity in poor visibility conditions such as fog, smoke, rain and snow. This software
features multiple search functions for recorded events, remote access via a Web browser or Windows client (included),
and multilingual language support, including English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. Additional features for this
software include alarm alert functions (both sound and email notification), full duplex real-time audio support without
recording, and applications for controlling camera configuration and functions such as pan, tilt and zoom.

Each software license allows you to view MPEG2 and MPEG4 formats for up to 16 cameras (depending on license)
simultaneously. This Camera Station software has a recording database limited only by the hardware it is installed on,
and can save all system messages on-screen, in log files, and even via email. This software runs on the Windows XP Pro,
2000, or 2003 Server platforms, or IIS (Internet Information Server) for the Web client, and requires Internet Explorer
version 6.0 or higher. At a minimum this software requires a Pentium-4 two-Gigahertz processor, 512 MB of RAM, and
one-Gigabyte of hard disk space for installation as well as two-Gigabytes or more per camera as an image database. To
fully experience this software's functionality, you must also have a CD-drive, an XGA monitor with 1024 by 768 or higher
pixel resolution, a graphics card with 32 MB or more of memory, a mouse or other compatible pointing device, and a fast
Ethernet connection.

Technical Features:

* Operating system: Windows 2000 or higher
* Required resolution: 1024 by 768 pixels or higher
* Required RAM: at least 512 MB
* Minimum processor: Pentium 4, 2GHz or better
* Space requirements: 1 Gigabyte for installation, plus 2 Gigabytes per camera image storage
What you will find is that the Axis Camera Station Software can greatly enhance both the quality and the functionality
of your Axis-based surveillance system. The Axis Camera Station works with either networked cameras, or analog cameras
with attached video servers, and allows for scalability with the easy addition of licenses for up to 25 cameras. With
multiple recording and playback features, camera configuration and control functions, image enhancement capabilities,
and event handling features, this camera software is a must-have for any high-level or complex surveillance
installation. Note: This Axis software package is designed for medium to large-scale surveillance operations that
involve up to 10 cameras.