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Maxell MAX630025 CD Rewritable Media, CD-RW, 4x, 700 MB, 5 Pack

Product Description

High Speed CD-RW supports speeds from 4x to 12 x

Offers a maximum write speed of 4x, recording time of 80 minutes and rewrites up to 1,000 times

Offers random-access retrieval and revolutionary recording-layer technologies

The rewriteable disk is as universal a format as the 3-1/2-inch floppy diskette, and has a data capacity so much greater it's almost laughable that computers still come equipped with a floppy drive

The original obstacle of hefty price tags has long since gone by the wayside, as the price on this package of five disks attests

Any lingering discontent about recording speed will now evaporate as well, as the Maxell CD-RW74-5HS disks are engineered to handle recent blazing rewrite speeds from 4X to 10X

Unlike floppy discs, which must be purchased pre-formatted or individually formatted for your operating system, CD media is OS indifferent

Recording film material - Phase Change Recording Material

Imported from USA

High Speed CD-RW supports write speeds from 4X to 12X. Offers 700MB/80Min capacity, random access retrieval and
revolutionary recording layer technologies. Lasts up to 1,000 rewrite cycles.