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Memorex 4x DVD+RW 25 Pack Spindle

Product Description

25 recordable DVD+RW discs on a plastic spindle with dust cover

4.7 GB per disc; rewriteable up to 1,000 times

Store up to 120 minutes of video per disc (depending on your recording/editing software), requires no finalization

For use with 4x speed recording (maximum) on compatible DVD+RW drives

Perfect for archiving home movies, digital music files, or digital picture files

Imported from USA

This 25-pack of 4x DVD+RW discs for newer DVD+R/+RW drives (part number 32025541) consists of rewriteable, single-sided
discs that store up to 4.7 GB of data and approximately 240 minutes of video (depending on your mastering software; 120
minutes optimal)--that's more than six times as much data as will fit on a recordable CD. You can transfer your home
movies from VHS or 8 mm cassettes, back-up computer hard drives and large files, or stuff them chock full of MP3 music
files and JPEG image files from your digital camera.

Rewritable "plus" discs require no finalizing--you can record, eject, and play them with minimal fuss, thanks to
"background formatting." This feature, which lowers total burning time, is an advantage over the "dash" formats. For PC
users, DVD+RW also offers advantages over DVD-RW, including on-disc content editing, built-in defect management, and
multisession writing.

What's in the Box
25 DVD+RW discs, 1 two-piece storage case, and a paper insert with product details.