Lot of 10 Pairs of Thumbsticks Thumb sticks for Sony Playstation 4 PS4 Controller-Black

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Product ID: 438308


  • 20 replacement black PS4 Thumbsticks
  • Made by Sony Original
  • Standard Original for replace your broken PS4 thumbsticks
  • 100% work for PS4 Controller
  • You need to take apart your controller with TOLL when replace it.
  • If you play hard, your PS4 Thumbsticks gear is going to wear our, get torn up, or even get broken.

    Sometimes you are going to need to replace parts.

    These replacement Black PS4 thumb sticks will do the trick and get you back to your game.

    Just take apart your PS4 Controller when TOOL and replace the thumbsticks instead to get a new PS4 Controller.

    How to Open your PS4 controller and install?

    You can check on youtube titled "PS4 Controller Repair, Charging port fix, battery replacement. Complete Tear down. " It
    will show you how to open up the controller and get at the joysticks. It is pretty simple.

    Ship by USPS and delivery in 7-12 business days.


    Contact seller for 30 days warranty, Refund or send replace.