PS3/PS2 Tournament Metal Arcade Dance Pad

by Dance Dance Revolution

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Product ID: 438407


  • Smooth Edges and 4 screws design
  • Full Size Champion Arcade Metal Pad
  • Heavy Duty, can handle player weight of 600+ lbs
  • Control Box Included (works with PS One & Playstation 2)
  • Compatible with 20 GB, 60GB and 80GB PS3 Systems
  • DDR Game is the pioneer designer in Metal Arcade Dance Pads. Since many companies replicate the designs of our Metal Pad
    v3.0 and Arcade Metal v2.0, their mass productions lead to poor quality and ruined the reputation of our original metal
    pads. Thereforce, DDR Game profoundly came up with a new and improved version for our hardcore Dance Dance Revolution
    Players. Today, we proudly present the latest generation of DDR Metal Tournament Pad and DDR Arcade Metal Champion Pad.
    The Champion Arcade Metal Pad features the super heavy duty one-piece steel frame surface and Hammer-Proof thick Poly
    Carbonated Button Arrows. From the result of our lab tests, these pads can hold more than 500LBS (the average of other
    metal pads on the market can only handle just about 300 lbs). More importantly, these new pads have been enhanced with
    the Punctuated Weight into the design. What is Punctuated Weight? After years of experience in designing DDR pads, we
    have realized a DDR player's weight is about 300 lbs in a stand still position. But when he is playing and stomping on
    the button arrows, the player's weight actually adds up higher because of the heavy stomping. The penetraded energy can
    easily shatter the button arrows. After numerous tests, we have incorporated the best quality of the Poly Carbonated
    material onto the button arrows. The thickness of these button arrows is almost double compared to the other metal pads
    on the market. If you try to use a hammer and slam on the button arrow, it will leave just a minor scratch on the
    surface. We are proud to announce that these dance pads are the highest quality metal dance pads on this planet.


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