Black Airform Pouch Pouch Case Bag For Xbox 360 Controller Gamepad+ Wrist Strap Soleil

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  • Soft on the inside - Strong on the outside
  • rotects your controller from damage during transportation or storage
  • Double Zipper - Double Strength
  • Makes you look like a pro!
  • Snug fit design
  • If you are going to be carrying around your awesome, blinged out rapid fire controller, we would ask, "what kind of
    baller are you if you dont have a slick padded holder to bust it out of?" It's all about presentation, I mean, you could
    stick your controller in a tube sock or something but then what would your friends think? would they be impressed? I
    think not. When it comes down to it, you really don't have a choice you MUST buy one of these! This great looking
    Airfoam Bag is compatible with your Xbox 360 Wireless Controller and a great way to keep your favorite pad safe and
    sound. It's lightweight, and its tough durable exterior will keep it safe from accidental damage, scratches and dust. It
    has a padded interior giving the case anti shock properties, so its soft on the inside, strong on the outside, double
    zipper for double strength and a wrist strap also included.


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