30 mod kit Rapid fire xbox 360 modded controller, Quick Scope, Jump Shot, Drop for CG/CG2 boards only

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  • 30 mods flex kit easy installation
  • Rapid Fire , Quick Install Rapid Fire,Quick Scope, Jump Shot, Drop
  • Use Sync or tac switch
  • Adjustable speed

    1. Rapid Fire 8 SPS.

    2. Rapid Fire 9 SPS

    3. Rapid Fire 10 SPS

    4. Rapid Fire 11 SPS

    5. Rapid Fire 12 SPS

    6. Akimbo 8 SPS

    7. Akimbo 9 SPS

    8. Akimbo 10 SPS

    9. Akimbo 11 SPS

    10. Akimbo 12 SPS

    11. Sniper Double Shot

    12.Drop Shot

    13. Drop Shot 8 SPS

    14. Zombies M14 Aim Assist

    15. Zombies LMG Aim Assist

    16. Aim Kneel

    17. LT Quickscope

    18. MW3 Quick Scope

    19. Auto Breath Hold

    20. 3 Round Burst

    21. HS10 Akimbo

    22. Drop Shot, Reset

    23. Jump Drop Shot

    24. Jump Shot

    25. Drop shot + LT Cancel

    26. Drop shot, Reset + LT Cancel

    27. Jump Shot + LT Cancel

    28. Jump Drop Shot +LT Cancel

    29. Drop Shot, Reset

    30. Drop Shot - Akimbo 8 SPS



    The mod must be calibrated the first time it is used. To calibrate,

    1) Remove the battery.

    2) Hold down the switch (tactile or sync depending on installation).

    3) With the switch still held down insert the battery.

    4) With the switch still held down, turn on the controller and wait for the LED 1 light to go


    5) With the switch still held down make sure the RT is completely released and let go of the


    The LED 4 should blink 3 times to let you know that the mod was calibrated.

    Note: Calibrating the mod will reset the User Adjustable modes back to their default speed.

    Changing Modes

    Pressing the switch will move you to the next mode. Holding down the LT and pressing the switch

    will move you to the previous mode.


    To turn the mod off, hold down the switch until the LED 4 light goes out. Tapping the switch

    will turn the mod back on and bring it back into the mode it was in before it was turned off.

    User Adjustability

    Here are the steps to adjust the speed once the mod has been installed.

    1) Make sure you are in the mode that you want to adjust. (You can't be in Mode 5

    and try to adjust Mode 6.)

    2) Turn off the mod by holding down the tactile switch until the LED 4 goes off.