KMD Komodo Shockwave Wireless Black Controller

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Product Description

Compatible with GameCube and Wii System

Color: BLACK

Turbo Setting Functions AND Dual Vibration Rumble

Wireless 2.4 GHz Technology

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Sad that the Wavebird Wireless controller is a part of ancient history? Well rejoice with the new Shock-Wave Wii &
Gamecube Wireless Controller! This Wii controller is modeled after the Nintendo Wavebird & supports all Gamecube games
as well as Wii Games. So if you're into Smash Bros or just want to get a grip on a physical controller for the Wii then
the 2.4GHz Shock-Wave is for you! This controller features 2.4 GHz technology for ultimate range, not to mention a
rumble feature. The ergonomic design, and pressure sensitive trigger buttons only make it that much sweeter