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Orion 7211 Black 6x30 Right-Angle Correct-Image Finder

Product Description

You don't have to be a contortionist to use this 6x30 finder scope which features a 90 viewing angle and correct daytime image orientation

Right-angle design lets you aim your telescope in comfort - no more crouching or craning your neck!

This crosshair finder scope makes aiming easy by showing an upright, non-reversed image

Finder scope features substantial 6x magnifying power, 30mm diameter objective lens and 7 field of view

Fully coated, achromatic glass optics yield crisp, bright images

Imported from USA

Sometimes looking through a straight finder scope can be a strain, making you crouch down and crane your neck. Well, you
can call off the chiropractors because our right-angle finder scopes let you view in contortion-free comfort! What's
more, they have a built-in Amici prism to provide a correctly oriented view - not upside-down as with standard finders.
These achromatic, crosshair finders feature fully coated glass lenses, internal baffling, and focus adjustment. Each
includes an aluminum bracket with two perpendicular thumbscrews for easy alignment. Dovetail foot fits many Orion
telescopes. Dovetail base (#7214) can be purchased separately for custom installations. Prism and eyepiece are not