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Celestron 93522 Dual Axis Motor Drive (Advanced CG4)

Product Description

For telescopes equipped with CG-4 equatorial mount. C102HD-C4-R-CN 6

Designed for Celestron's CG-4 mount

Excellent for tracking in RA

Allows movement in DEC

Four speed variable

Imported from USA

This dual axis motor drive, with drive corrector capabilities, is designed for Celestron's CG-4 mounts for tracking in
RA and allows movement in DEC. It precisely controls the telescope's tracking speed during long, timed exposures of
celestial objects, producing the best possible image sharpness. Precision drive correctors are a must for those with a
serious interest in astrophotography or CCD imaging. Four speeds are available -- 1x (sidereal), 2x for guiding, 4x, and
8x for centering.
This precision, state-of-the-art DC motor drive operates from 4 D-cell batteries (user supplied). The hand controller
module is very compact and fits easily in the palm of your hand. Motors for both axes are included, along with brackets,
clutch and hardware.