• CLEAN & TRANSPARENT INGREDIENTS Pure Pasture Raised Grass Fed Beef Type I Collagen Hydrolysate from South American Cattle. Non-GMO, Natural, Fat Free, Gluten Free and the best solubility and neutrality on the market. Check our size (30 travel packets, 11g each) when comparing prices!.
  • COLLAGEN POWDER GO PACKS HELP PROMOTE smooth soft clear skin, healthy joints, tendons, bones, hair, and nails. An anti-aging superfood that's been around for centuries in the form of bone broth. Natural nutrition that supports the digestive system..
  • COLLAGEN PROTEIN PACKED WITH 18 AMINO ACIDS nurtures a healthy metabolism. Excellent addition for low carb, Ketogenic (Keto), Paleo, Primal, GAPS, Whole 30 and Bulletproof diets. Great for intermittent fasting too! Easy to use individual serving size packs for your personal water bottle..
  • A COLLAGEN SUPPLEMENT supports joint function and flexibility, lean muscle growth, energy, endurance, and recovery time after exercise. Easier on your digestive system than whey protein. No lactose or gluten..
  • CONVENIENT individual serving packets for Collagen On The Go. Take these single serve convenience packs to the office, a coffee shop, the gym, and for travel..
  • Imported from USA.
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Collagen Peptides Powder Packets | 30 Individual Stick Packs | Grass-Fed Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein | Unflavored, Easy to Mix | Paleo & Keto Friendly | Promotes Healthy Joints, Gut, Skin, Hair, Nails