2500PK Super SLR Camera with 50mm 1.7 Lens

by Promaster

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Product ID: 465689


  • Fully manual film camera
  • Great for students
  • 35mm Style K Mount Camera
  • Shoots most styles of 35mm film
  • Includes 50mm f/1.7 K mount lens
  • The Promaster 2500PK Super is a perfect camera for students or the aspiring photographer who wants full manual control.
    The 2500PK Super uses popular "K" mount lenses, and features shutter speeds to 1/2000th second, a self timer, multiple
    exposure capability and more. It is shipped with a FAST 50mm 1.7 standard lens. With all of its features and rugged
    design, the Promaster 2500PK Super is simply one of the best options available in a manual camera today.