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Caron & Doucet - Cast Iron Cleaning & Conditioning Set: Seasoning Oil & Cleaning Soap | 100% Plant-Based & Best for Cleaning Care, Washing, Restoring & Seasoning Cast Iron Skillets, Pans & Grills!

Product Description

A premium cast iron oil formulated with highly refined coconut oil and enhanced with food grade essential oils. This cast iron conditioner will protect and prolong the lifespan of your cast iron cookware. When used on a regular basis you will build up a seasoning on your cookware that will prevent it from moisture damage that can lead to rusting. Great results when used on your pots, pans, skillets, dutch ovens, woks, griddles, grills and frying pans.

Unlike grapeseed, flaxseed, canola or palm oil, this cast iron oil will never go rancid and does not need to be refigerated. This means that your cast iron cookware will not get a foul odour or become sticky over time.

This product is specially designed to help restore, build and maintain the natural seasoning. Making your kitchenware easier to clean and pleasant to cook with, your food will taste better!

A premium cast iron soap that is 100% natural, contains NO Parabens, Phosphates, or synthetic foaming agents.

Formulated to gently clean cast iron cookware while preserving the seasoned cooking surface.

Imported from USA

Size:8oz Bullet

Cast iron oil is ideal for all cast iron cookware such as pots, pans, skillets, dutch ovens, woks, griddles
and frying pans, Rinse and thoroughly dry your cast iron cookware before applying. Pour a small amount of the cast iron
oil onto the cookware and use a paper towel or microfibre cloth to work the oil into the cast iron. For best results
apply after ever time you use your cast iron. This will repair any damage to the seasoning that may have occurred during
the cooking or cleaning process and will prevent moisture damage. Doing so regularly will prolong the life of your
cookware. There is no need to put the cookware in the oven to season it as this oil will help to build up seasoning over
time. This cast iron conditioner will not go rancid leaving a sticky, smelly residue. Here are some tips for cooking
with cast iron cookware. 1) To prevent scratching of the cooking surface use only wooden or plastic utensils. 2) Never
store food in cast iron or carbon steel cookware as acid and moisture from food will cause damage to the cookware. 3)
Rinse cast iron and carbon steel cookware with hot water immediately after each use. A nylon or natural bristled brush
will help remove cooked on food. 4) Always hand wash your cast iron or carbon steel cookware and do not leave it to soak
in water. 5) Never wash cast iron or carbon steel cookware in the dishwasher. 6) Remember to apply a coating of cast
iron oil after each use. 7) Store your cookware in a dry area to avoid rust damage.

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