• 📍 ABOUT OUR PRODUCT: Our premium grade quality organic matcha green tea comes in a choice of 100g or 200g and is made from 100% pure matcha with no additives or flavourings. This finest culinary powder is perfect for drinking, cooking & recipes, baking and smoothie making with all milk, making it great for a vegan or vegetarian diet. Its vibrant bright green colour is the best sign of a quality powder and the natural, fine powder is easy to mix and lump free..
  • ⭐ WHY IT'S IMPORTANT: Matcha has been used as a health and vitality drink for thousands of years in Japan and across Asia including in traditional Chinese medicine. Matcha green tea contains many useful substances including natural caffeine and a high antioxidant content, making it good for energy and detox respectively and a great alternative drink to coffee..
  • 🌿 VEGAVERO - From Nature, with Passion, For You: We respect and love nature. That's why all our supplements are vegan and free of any unnecessary artificial ingredients. We believe in the importance of guaranteeing quality and safety f or our customers and therefore select our raw materials with great care. We produce our products in Germany, where they are all analyzed and certified by independent laboratories. Furthermore, we register every product with the Ministry of Health..
  • 💓 BY YOUR SIDE: Caring for you is part of our philosophy. For this reason, in addition to providing supplements designed for your needs, we work on unique formulas to achieve the perfect synergy of ingredients and dosages. We are available to advise and support you in your goals, to provide you with the certifications of each product and to answer all your questions..
  • Imported from UK.
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Organic Matcha Green Tea VEGAVERO® | 200g Pure Powder | Premium Grade Quality from Japan | Natural Caffeine & Detox | 100% Vegan

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