• SMOOTH AND CREAMY, EASY TO MIX - Winner of the Great Taste Gold Award, our premium ceremonial grade matcha tea comes as an ultra-fine powder making it super easy to mix lump free in tea, lattes, juices, baking and cooking..
  • 100% ORGANIC, ALWAYS FRESH - To preserve the natural green goodness, our organic vegan green tea powder comes in a handy travel size tin which is foil sealed to lock in the freshness. Enjoy your matcha wherever you are..
  • IMPROVED FAT LOSS - Mighty Matcha is rich in the antioxidant EGCG which studies prove promotes fat loss and increases daily energy expenditure.
  • ENHANCED IMMUNE SYSTEM - With 137 more antioxidants (and 15 times more potent) than regular green tea, Mighty Matcha can help build your immune system up to fight off infections, illness and disease.
  • IMPROVE CONCENTRATION AND RELAXATION - Containing two proteins (L-Theanine and Theophylline) and caffeine, matcha provides a calming natural energy boost without the jitters of coffee while enhancing your mood.
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  • Imported from UK.
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Mighty Matcha Tea | Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder | Ceremonial Grade | Great Taste Winner 2012 | Certified GB-ORG-05…