Xtenzi Car Radio Wire Harness Compatible with Pioneer CD DVD Navigation In-Dash - XT1603-21

Product Description

Xtenzi 16 Pin Replacement Wire Harness Power Plug Compatible with Pioneer Car Audio Systems models.

Xtenzi Harness XT1603-21 is ideal for installing or connecting to an aftermarket stereo especially when original harness is damaged or lost.

Easy to install and follow EIA color-coded and special wire function as per compatible model.

Xtenzi premium quality wiring harness 18 gauge 6inch long leads. Durable plastic Molex Male Plug.

Pre-stripped to make installation quick and easy.This is not Factory amplifier integration harness For Premium Audio system need different harness.

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Imported from USA

Xtenzi power harness & Speaker plug is compatible with select Pioneer 16Pin in Dash systems. XT

Compatible Models:

deh-p5000ub deh-p500ub deh-p5900ib deh-p590ib deh-p6000ub deh-p600ub dehp5000ub dehp500ub dehp5900ib dehp590ib
dehp6000ub dehp600ub pioneer deh-p3100ub, premier deh-p310ub, pioneer deh-p4100ub, premier deh-p410ub, pioneer
deh-p5100ub, premier deh-p510ub, pioneer deh-p5800mp, premier deh-p580mp pioneer deh-p5000ub, premier deh-p500ub,
pioneer deh-p7700mp, premier deh-p770mp pioneer deh-p4800mp, premier deh-p480mp, pioneer deh-p6800mp, premier deh-p680mp
pioneer deh-p3000ib, premier deh-p300ib, pioneer deh-p4900ib, premier deh-p490ib some more ref models like 2003 models
deh-5, deh-1500 deh-15 deh-p2500 deh-p25 deh-p250 deh-p3500 deh-p350 deh-p4500mp deh-p450mp deh-p4smp deh-p5500mp
deh-p550mp deh-p6500 deh-p650 2004 models deh-1600 deh-16 deh-6 deh-p2600 deh-p3600 deh-p360 deh-p4600mp deh-p460mp
deh-p5600mp deh-p560mp deh-p6600 deh-p660 2005 models deh-7 deh-1700 deh-17 deh-2700 deh-27 deh-270 deh-p3700mp
deh-p370mp deh-p4700mp deh-p470mp deh-p5700mp deh-p570mp deh-p6700mp deh-p670mp 2006 models deh-1800 deh-18 deh-2800mp
deh-p3800mp deh-p380mp deh-p4800mp deh-p480mp deh-p5800mp deh-p580mp 2007 models deh-1900mp deh-2900mp deh-p3900mp
deh-p390mp deh-p4900ib deh-p490ib deh-p5900ib deh-p590ib 2008 models deh-2000mp deh-p3000ib deh-p4000ub deh-p400ub
deh-p5000ub deh-p500ub

Also compatible with Pioneer Ref. # CDE6468 , CDP3003 , CDE7060 , CDP1017 , XDP7004 , XDE7008

EIA Color Coded:

4 pair speaker wires, 3 Power Wires like ignition/Accessory, memory/battery, and negative ground, 4 Auxiliary Function
wires as Antenna Power, Vehicle illumination, amp remote and phone mute.


Some wire functions may be different, please read your Radio install guide carefully or ask an installer. Please see
diagram prior

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