• 🌱 PURE, CEREMONIAL GRADE JAPANESE MATCHA POWDER, CERTIFIED GB-ORG-04 ORGANIC – 40g of Finest Matcha, Single Source from Japan and 100% Natural.
  • 🏃 INCREASES ENERGY – Drinking Matcha Provides a Slow-Release of the Essential Nutrients Needed to Raise Energy Levels and Improve Concentration.
  • 😍 LOVE THE TASTE 60 DAY GUARANTEE If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase of Teaologists Matcha we will refund you in full for up to 60 days after purchase.
  • 🎁 BUY 2 OR MORE PACKS AND SAVE 10 PERCENT AT CHECKOUT Stock up and save. Each pack has a shelf life of around 12 months.
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  • Imported from UK.
The sun rises on the natural contours of Uji's green landscape, lighting up Kyoto’s valleys and hills and drenching the tea plants in the warmth of the sunlight. The early morning mist from the Uji river douses the tea leaves and moistens the pure Japanese volcanic soil. As the eye lowers from the skyline to the tea plantations, uniform rows of over-manicured crops give way to a contrasting remote plantation below. A small, century-old plantation of naturally growing tea plants. A plantation that purposely lets nature’s hand do what it does best, unfettered by human meddling and impatience. This unique plantation is the legacy of founder Aijiro Nagata. In 1937 Aijiro set out to create an unrivalled Matcha green tea, even though at the time, his only possessions were the 500 yen in his pocket and the ambition he held in his mind. Aijiro believed that Matcha should be pure and natural, cultivated without the use of chemicals and fertilisers. He wanted to create Matcha that was farmed in a semi-wild environment using only strong, balanced topsoil to replenish nutrients. He was bankrupted twice in his early years, once by floods and once by a corrupt business acquaintance, but Aijiro Nagata persevered nevertheless. His inspiration coming from the idea that each bush must be allowed to grow according to its own pattern. He achieved his life’s work when late in his years, he finally produced jewel dew ceremonial Matcha; Japan's rarest and most expensive tea. Aijiro Nagata passed away in 2009 aged 98, but his legacy continues beyond his life. Teaologists is honoured to have partnered with the Aijiro Nagata’s family plantation to bring the Organic Ceremonial Matcha into the UK. We are proud to provide you with the jade green tea of the ancient tea ceremony. Although Aijiro’s exact methods and formula are kept a locked away secret, we hope in this Matcha you find the key to a healthy long life.

Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder | 40g | Finest Ceremonial Grade From Uji, Japan by Teaologists | Handpicked Stoneground | Single Source First Harvest | Certified GB-ORG-04 EU Organic | Energy Boost, Detox, Weight Loss

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