Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam HD Max Black LED Trail Camera with Night Vision (Model #119576C)

by Bushnell

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  • 8 MP high-quality resolution images and 1-3 images per trigger; 1280x720p HD video with audio record (programmable length from 1 to 60 seconds)
  • Simultaneously capture full resolution images and video on every trigger with Hybrid Capture Mode
  • Images display date, time, moon, temperature, and barometric pressure
  • Hyper Passive Infra-Red (PIR) Motion sensor reaches out to 60 feet; 32 No-Glow Black LEDs function as a flash and are invisible to game
  • SD Card Slot with 32GB capacity (SD Card not included); Includes adjustable web belt and 1/4-20 socket
  • Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam HD with Max Black LEDs and Night Vision

    With incredible battery life and quick trigger speed, Bushnell's Trophy Cam HD continues to run away with the game. The
    Bushnell Trophy Cam HD is a digital scouting camera. It can be triggered by any movement of wildlife in a location and
    takes high quality pictures or video clips. The Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam HD with Max Black LEDs and Night Vision is
    suitable for a number of applications, including surveillance, wildlife monitoring, and scouting game. The camera is
    designed for outdoor use and is resistant against water and snow.

    Stunning Image and Video Quality

    Capable of capturing high-quality still images or 720p HD video with sound for a brilliant connection to the wildlife
    you're monitoring. Features Hybrid Capture Mode, capable of capturing a full resolution image and video simultaneously
    at each camera trigger. Video length is programmable and can record up to 60 seconds. The camera is triggered by
    movement, detected by a highly sensitive Passive Infra-Red (PIR) motion sensor. The motion sensor reaches out to 60
    feet and boasts a 0.6-second trigger speed. Also, Auto PIR sensor mode allows the user to maximize consistency in all
    conditions. Auto-PIR monitors ambient temperature conditions and automatically regulates the trigger signal sensitivity
    based on temperature.

    Stealth After-Dark Imagery

    The Trophy Cam HD is equipped with 32 built-in infrared No-Glow LEDs that function as a flash, so that it delivers
    clear photos or videos in black & white after dark (daytime images/videos are in full color). These No-Glow "black"
    LEDs are invisible to wildlife, providing absolute stealth. The 32 LEDs boast a 60 foot flash range, a quantum leap in
    distance and brightness. This ensures the sharpest after-dark imagery. Also equipped with Freeze Frame Shutter, an
    anti-blur setting for after dark images. With this feature, the user can select shutter speed for images captured at
    night allowing control over brightness vs. ability to stop motion.

    Flexible Operating Modes

    The camera can be set to operate during the day or night only, or 24 hours (equipped with day/night auto-sensor).
    Also, Field Scan time-lapse mode takes images at pre-set intervals. The camera will take photos or video clips
    automatically at your choice of intervals, without requiring the normal movement trigger. Field Scan 2x allows the user
    to set-up two windows of image capture, useful for capturing time-lapse at dusk and dawn.

    Image Stamps

    Images are automatically stamped with barometric pressure, moon phase, temperature, date, and time. GPS Geotag allows
    the user to input the longitude and latitude of the camera's position, which will be embedded in each photo file. This
    is especially useful for users who employ multiple cameras to monitor a large area.

    Low Power Consumption

    The Trophy Cam HD consumes very little power (less than 0.2 mA) in a stand-by (surveillance) state. That means it can
    deliver up to six months stand-by operation time when the device is powered by the full capacity of AA alkaline
    batteries, and up to twelve months utilizing lithium AA batteries. There is also the option of connecting to an
    external 6V DC power source.


    * Resolution Setting: 8MP
    * Video Resolution: 1280x720p (Records Up to 60 Seconds)
    * Audio Record: Yes
    * Night Vision Flash: 32 Black LED (60' Range)
    * Trigger Speed: 0.6 seconds
    * LCD Display: Black & White Text LCD
    * Date/Time Stamp: Yes
    * Temp/Moon Stamp: Yes
    * Baro Stamp: Yes
    * Temperature Range: -5° F to 140° F
    * Power Supply: AA (4-12)
    * Battery Life: Up to 1 Year (AA lithium batteries), 6 months (AA alkaline batteries)
    * SD Card Capacity: 32 GB (SD card not included)
    * Weather-Proof


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