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Ocha & Co. Premium Organic Japanese Green Tea Fine Matcha Powder 100g

Product Description

ORGANIC - Matcha from Shizuoka, Japan.

PREMIUM QUALITY - blended by the winner the first prize in the 46th Japanese Ministry of Agriculture Tea Competition (2016). The most coveted award in the Japanese tea industry.

SMALL BATCH RUNS - to ensure freshness and a long shelf life


VERSATILE - Great in Smoothies, Lattes, Baking, Desserts or on its own

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Imported from UK

Ocha & Co. Japanese Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder

A blend of first flush green leaves from Yakubita & Okumidori cultivars are picked young, then quickly steamed to seal
in the goodness. The 100% natural, shade-grown leaves are then turned into Match powder using a traditional grindstone -
nothing else is added. Smooth, balanced and without the bitterness of lower quality Matcha. If you prefer not to drink
Matcha straight; smoothies, or lattes are great with almond or coconut milk. We are presently hooked on lattes made with
a touch of white chocolate syrup. Great feedback from satisfied customers who are pleased with the reasonable cost for a
Matcha of this quality.

Small batches are shipped from the tea farm weekly to ensure long shelf-life. Teas from Ocha & Co. were selected to
represent Japan at the 2015 Speciality & Fine Food Fair at Olympia in London. The blender of our teas won first prize in
the 46th Japanese Ministry of Agriculture tea competition which is Japan`s top tea award.

The Ocha & Co range is made up of the following high grade teas: Sencha, Fukamushi (deep-steamed sencha), Kabusecha
(shade-grown), Reicha (Asamushi & Fukamushi blend for cold-brewing), Gyokuro (shade-grown) Kukicha (stems and twigs),
Black Tea, Shincha (in season) and Matcha. The teas have been selected to strike a balance between quality and
affordability. Some teas are now available for FBA fulfilment but if not, are shipped Airmail the same day and only
take between 7-10 days to arrive from Japan.

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