Photography Prism with Cleaning Pouch - Best Crystal Glass Triangular Prism for Photos and Teaching Light Spectrum - Portable 6 Inch Optical Rainbow Prism

Product Description

100% PREMIUM QUALITY PHOTOGRAPHY PRISM. If you are looking for a premium grade glass prism for photography, Optickle - Optical Glass Crystal Prism should be your #1 choice. Our triangular prism is made from high quality, thick optical photography prism glass to create bright and beautiful rainbows by splitting beams of light into its different spectral components. It's 6 inches long and lightweight, so very easy to hold and travel friendly addition to your photography accessories

HOW WE SET APART FROM THE REST. Our photography prisms are made of polished glass for optical clarity so, unlike poor quality light prisms you won’t experience any fuzzy or hazy defects. The flat ends ensure our equilateral prism stands steadily without falling and has round edges to protect your hands while using the prism. Also, our photography prism is safely packed in a stylish cushioned box to protect it during transit.

IMPORTANT IN ALL MANNER OF FIELDS. Our prisms for photography are used by professional photographers worldwide to add colors and reflections to their images for a unique and artistic touch. If you are a science teacher, use these prisms for kids in scientific experiments regarding the nature of light and to teach the children on general physics on properties of light. Also, if you have an enthusiastic kid, use our rainbow prism to show him how ordinary light turns into a colorful rainbow.

GREAT GIFT IDEA. Our glass triangular prism is a fantastic gift for photographers, fashion bloggers, science teachers or for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and elementary students who love to observe and hypothesize about light. The prism comes in a nice gift box which is ready for gift giving. Also, we have included a handy microfiber drawstring bag to cover the triangle prism when carrying and to remove fingerprints after the shoot to make it ready for the next prism photography session.

SWEET SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. We are so confident that you will love our rainbow photography prism as much as we do. So, we relax to offer a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! And for any reason if you are not completely satisfied, simply contact us within 14 days and enjoy a full refund. Also, don’t forget to check out our FREE ONLINE GUIDE, which instructs you to make a rainbow and creative photo effects to shoot eye-popping photographs. So why wait another minute to grab this awesome glass prism?

Imported from USA


Do you do photography and want to try a prism to make some really cool and creative photo effects?

Or, are you a science teacher, looking for a high quality optical prism to teach children about the properties of light?

Look no further! See how light refract into wonderful miniature rainbows with ★OPTICKLE CRYSTAL LIGHT PRISM★

Our prisms are made from high quality, thick optical glass in a high profile lab equipment factory. They are 6 inch
long with 1.18 inch sides and have rounded edges to prevent you hurting yourself while using the prism.

We've specifically designed and manufactured Optickle Equilateral Prism with all of you in mind! Here are few occasions
you can use it for:

① Professional photographers to add some amazingly stunning effects on their shots.
② In the classroom for science experiments involving light spectrum physics and to demonstrate the wavelength theory.
③ Parents to show the kids a rainbow and to teach them to explore the mysteries of light.
④ As lovely gifts for a student photographer, teacher or an enthusiastic kid on their birthday or Christmas day.

How our optical glass prism differs from the competition?

✔ Made of polished glass for optical clarity. No fuzzy or hazy defects.
✔ Flat ends ensure it stands steadily without falling.
✔ Lightweight and portable. Easy to hold and pop in a camera bag in a microfiber drawstring pouch.
✔ Packed in a cushioned box to protect from potential damages.
✔ Comes in a beautiful gift box, ready for gift giving.

We value you as our customer. So, we have included an ebook guide which teaches you to make a rainbow and how to use the
prism crystal in photography, ABSOLUTELY FOR FREE with every purchase!


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