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Dimidium Angelus: Bane of the Gods (Volume 1)

AED 87

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Product Description

Dimidium Angelus Bane of the Gods

Imported from USA

“Why should the sons of fire bow to the son of clay?” With this one simple question, a war began. Lucifer’s jealousy of
mankind ultimately resulted in his eviction from Heaven. Zeus, Ares, Hades, and the other Greek gods joined him along
with Odin, Baldr, Týr and the Norse gods. On Earth, they plotted their revenge. But before they could challenge God
again, they needed more soldiers. Zeus and Ares developed a plan to provide them with the numbers they needed; mating
with humans. Magnes and Pylos, the sons of Zeus and Ares, were born with a human appearance. But they also possessed
some of the same powers as their dangerous parents. Satisfied with the results, Lucifer commanded the other gods to
breed an army. But something happened the gods could not have foreseen. Magnes discovered the truth. He begged
forgiveness for the sins of his father and swore loyalty to God. Pylos followed soon after and recruited other children
of the gods. With the assistance of the archangels of Heaven, the children of the gods rebelled and imprisoned their
parents. Sensing defeat, Lucifer unleashed the archangels of Hell. Their mission was to find and release the gods.
Through thousands of years and countless battles, the archangels of Hell came so very close to their goal. But the
children of the gods somehow found a way to defeat them every time. Lucifer’s final weapon is his most powerful
archangel: Azazel. The fate of mankind hangs in the balance as Magnes and the other children fight to keep their parents
under control.