EzHula Fitness Chair + Resistance Band Set with 5 Combinable Bands the Total Home and Office Fitness Package - Stay Fit & Healthy Constantly - Muscle Building exercise Weight Loss ABS

Product Description

Imported from USA

About the EzHula Fitness Chair: The EzHula Fitness chair is designed to provide an optimal solution for staying in
shape, fit and healthy without much effort at the comfort of your home or while working in the office.

How does the EzHula Fitness chair work? The EzHula Fitness chair is designed to provide a simple fitness and health
solution by turning in a circular motion that mimics the hula-hoop motion, all you need to do is sit on the chair
comfortably and let the chair do the rest, it’s a simple and fun way to get in shape while working or watching your
favorite TV show..

Enhance your health, energy, balance, coordination and blood flow. In addition for providing a great fitness source,
the EzHula Fitness Chair provide a great heath source, it the body energy, help with body coordination and balance and
increases / stabilizes the blood flow, making it an overall great item for helping keep in shape and simultaneously stay


Avoid the trips to the Gym and do your workouts in the comfort of your own home or while you're on vacation with this
Xtech 11pc Resistance Band Set!! Why use Resistance Bands?
In order for muscle to grow, its tissue must be broken down through some form of resistance. By constantly breaking
down muscle tissue, then allowing it to regenerate, it will begin to grow in size and definition. The whole concept of
the resistance band is performing exercises that use its elastic nature to work specific parts of the body. Traditional
weights only provide resistance during one direction of the movement, but resistance bands provide a steady stream of
tension throughout the entire movement. The biggest benefit of a resistance band is this ability to work more than one
muscle at a time creating an efficient, streamlined workout.

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