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The Curriculum: Everything You Need to Know to Be a Master of Business Arts

Product Description

Imported from USA

From the mind of the ultimate corporate gunslinger comes this no-nonsense, real-world Curriculum, designed to augment—if
not replace—the more traditional path to achieving mastery of the business universe. Conquer this sharp, practical and
often amusing course of study and save $250,000 of wasted business school tuition.

Unlike those august, Ivy-encrusted factories that churn out masterful business administrators, The Curriculum will teach
you the art of business, employing a smart, tactical battle plan that will prove infinitely more awesome as you make
your way in the world.

We begin, in the Core Curriculum, with the acquisition and maintenance of Power. Included are such essentials as Not
Appearing Stupid (an early career requirement), Fabricating A Sustainable Business Personality, and the arts of
Management and Selling.

The Advanced Curriculum hones the skills that are required to seize Success by the throat and shake it until valuable
prizes fall out of its pockets, including fundamentals on Strategic Thinking, Self-Branding, mastering Electronic
Communications, and dealing with Crazy People.

Tutorials and Electives, which students may pursue as their interest or discretion advises, include lessons on Giving an
Effective Presentation, Business Drinking, and the Care and Feeding of Ultra-Senior Officers.

Lavishly enhanced with numerous charts, graphs, and other illuminating business illustrations, and backed up by years of
study from Mr. Bing’s proprietary research organization (The National Association of Serious Studies), The Curriculum
will occupy a place of pride on any bookshelf dedicated to the study of business, how it works, and how it can be used
against those who don’t know how it works.