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Tired Old Ass Soak Mineral Bath 12 oz

Product Description

Our best-selling revitalizing mineral bath

Used to treat exhaustion due to harrowing workdays

Imported from USA

So many people soaking in it can't be wrong... the way this stuff works is no joke! There are so many Tired Old Asses
out there we'll need to keep making this indefinitely! Exhaustion is becoming a way of life for some. So don't feel bad
about giving this as a gift - tell the person you need it, too! And don't forget to really soak in it - the proof is
surely in the bathtub. Our revitalizing mineral bath will soothe away the years of torture and abuse your tired old ass
has taken. The essential oils give your body strength again, and the minerals enhance every action your body performs.
Give Nature a chance to show you what REAL RELIEF can be! If you are too pressed for time to take a bath, take a
footbath - OR QUIT YOUR JOB! Life is too short to be worn out!! Tired Old Ass Soak contains a unique blend of salts
especially high in iron and trace minerals, and 100% pure essential oils of rosemary, eucalyptus, vetiver, & others.
Relax as the essential oils remarkably soothe your tired old ass. See also our new Tired Old Ass Splash and Tired Old
Ass Balm for hilariously effective relief!!