Future Fins CM2 Clay Marzo Techflex Surfboard Fins (5 fin set)

by Future Fins

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Product ID: 616174


  • Future Fins CM2 Clay Marzo Fin (Sides & Trailer) Size
  • Height 4.56 in. 11.58 cm. Base 4.49 in. 11.40 cm. Area 14.48 in.² 93.42 cm.²
  • Future Fins CM2 Clay Marzo Fin (Quad Rears) Size
  • Height 3.84 in. 9.75 cm. Base 3.86 in. 9.8 cm. Area 10.54 in.² 68.00 cm.²
  • Sold as a 5 fin set
  • Clay Marzo is one of the top free surfers in the world, his explosive style and innovative tail blasts helped Future
    Fins recreate a fin for all around surfing. Clay Marzo has been riding Future Fins over eight years and Marzo has worked
    closely with Futures engineers to create his next fin incarnation. Featuring an updated template and built in Future
    Fins Tech Flex, these Fins were built for for powerful surfing. The large base provides drive off the bottom while the
    small tip allows you to release the fins!