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HairChi Hair Loss Foam Treatment for Hair Growth - 45 Day Supply

Product Description

CLINICALLY PROVEN RESULTS. Technology with Matrikine blocking DHT Foam, Olaenolic Acid, Fruit Extracts, Olive Leaf and India Tree. Study participants showed a significant increase in anagen hairs after just 120 days. Exceeds the results of Minoxidil.

87 PERCENT of STUDY PARTICIPANTS REPORTED STRONGER HAIR IN JUST 5 DAYS. Effective hair restoration and alopecia treatment. Doctor recommended.

HAIR LOSS STOPPED. Results after studies showed HairChi complex significantly decreases photo-induced inflammation to the scalp and follicles. It was shown to help regrowth stabilize and be an inhibitor of hair loss after 180 days. activate genes in repair mechanisms in tissues, providing a protecting and repairing effect for the different structures of the follicle slowing down the aging process.

NATURAL Ingredients. For men and women. No smell. No artificial fragrances. Dries matte. Won't fade hair color. Free of alcohol, artificial colors, sodium laurel/laurth sulfates, silicones, parabens and Phthalates. Gluten free.100% Recyclable. Made in the USA. 45 Day Supply.

100% RISK FREE & GUARANTEED We stand behind all of our products as we use and developed them for people just like us. Returns are quick and easy if you are not satisfied. For best results use with HairChi vitamins for the best complete hair growth system.

Imported from USA

Our HairChi hair loss foam is the only natural foam hair loss product foam treatment on the market and features key
natural ingredients matrikine which stimulates hair growth, oleanolic acid, a dht inhibitor, and green tea extracts
which contain powerful anti aging properties for the scalp to allow new hair growth accelerator. 45 Day Supply.
Fifty-percent of men and a significant number of women lose some or all of their hair by age 50. Products to prevent
that loss can be smelly, with nasty side effects and cost thousands of dollars without guaranteed results. But now
there's a safe, all-natural product complex that can stop the shedding, thinning and loss of hair in both men and women.
The HairChi™ proven system is an all natural hair loss prevention foam. It stops hair loss and stimulates regrowth by
stimulating and enhancing microcirculation in the scalp and follicle. Using the HairChi™ system results in thicker,
stronger, healthy, and younger looking hair. And it does it with a light and natural scent. The HairChi™ system works by
attacking the main causes of alopecia, also known as hair loss. Hair falls out or simply stops growing due to poor scalp
micro-circulation, follicle atrophy caused by dihydrotestosterone (a human hormone related to male sexuality and hair
growth), and follicle aging. Hair is comprised of dead keratin cells similar to those that found in our fingernails. As
we get older, our scalp thins and becomes less able to sustain healthy hair growth. As a result, the hair thins and
begins to lose its elasticity. It becomes brittle, more breakable and less healthy to look at and touch. But we can turn
that process around with help from the HairChi™ system.