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Product: 620222

Running SUCKS: Lose Pounds & Inches Using the Effortless Exercise Method, 5-Second Flat Belly Secret, & 5-Minute Miracle Exercises

Product Description

Imported from USA

Newly Updated for 2014: Now includes the 5-Second Flat Belly Secret, 5-Minute Miracle Exercises, How to Lose Weight
Spinning Around in a Circle Like Little Kids, and the Effortless Exercise Method.

Hate running but want a flat belly? If you want to lose at least one clothing size and up to 5 pounds in the next 2
weeks using simple techniques that can take LESS than 5 minutes per day and without any changes in your diet... then
Running Sucks! by Jennifer Jolan and Rich Bryda will show you how.

This book is not meant for hardcore runners or people who enjoy running or exercise. It's designed for women who hate
running, hate the gym, and are short on time.

Here are some of the secrets you'll learn inside:
* How to lose weight spinning around in a circle like little kids (yeah, it sounds crazy, but it works)!
* No grueling long distance jogging (jogging and long runs are forbidden!)
* How to rub inches off your belly in just 3 minutes per day with your hand. (That's all it takes - safe, natural,
* How exactly to use 2-minute TV commercials to turn your body into a fat burning machine.
* A strange (but effective) "exercise" that causes you to lose up to 3 inches from your waist in less than a month. (Not
1 in 300 personal trainers know about this!)
* How to "trick" your central nervous system into shedding fat without hard exercising. Simple 1 to 5 minute miracle
exercises that can help you lose fat FASTER and more efficiently than if you spent 60+ minutes on a treadmill.
* A scientifically proven 5-second flat belly "exercise" you can do anywhere at any time!
* A crazy simple way (almost nobody knows about) to "dissolve" cellulite off your body while watching TV! (And believe
it or not, there's NO exercise necessary to do this.)
* A popular kid's toy that is perfect for developing a sexy hourglass figure -- with beautiful, feminine curves in your
abs, waist and hips. (It's FUN, too.)
* How to put your body in "fat burning mode" for 18-36 continuous hours AFTER you're done working out. (Even when you're
sitting down or sleeping!)
* A little-known way to lose weight while standing almost completely still!
* What to do approximately 1 minute after meals that can help drop belly fat.
* A special way of walking for just 20 minutes per day that can burn 5 pounds of pure fat off your body in just 2 weeks
or less.
* How to literally "breathe" fat out of your body.
* And much more (Including 10 Additional FREE Bonus Health & Weight Loss Reports at a Special Link on the Last Page of
the Kindle File)