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Herbs for Kids Echinacea/Astragalus, 4 Ounce

Product Description

Take directly or mix drops in small amount of pure water or juice and drink

Does not contain alcohol

For deep immune building

Imported from USA

Astragalus root is a well documented immunostimulant. Long used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), it has become the
herb of choice for deep immune building. According to TCM, astragalus has specific action on the lungs. It is also used
as a spleen to nic to build qi, the vital energy of the body. As a preventative it works to build defensive energy or
wei qi. Consumed as a food in China (and with growing popularity in the U.S.), astragalus is an appropriate tonic for
the child who brings every cold or flu home from school or day care. Alcohol free. Astragalus membranaceus root used is
certified organically-grown.