Hinterland Trading Rainbow Tutti Frutti Lupine 25+ Flower Seeds

by Hinterland Trading

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  • US Zones: 4 - 8
  • The highest quality Lupine ever grown from seed!
  • LUPINE: Lupinus can be hardy annuals, half hardy annuals or hardy perennials.They reach from 30cm to 1.5 m in height
    depending upon species and variety. They have stiff erect spikes that carry pea like flowers that grow in racemes.
    Lupinus flowers are a variety of colours including purple, blue, pink, white and yellow. The perennial varieties of
    lupinus come into bloom in the summer, whilst annual varieties will flower about two months after being sown. Some
    common names for Lupinus include Lupin, Lupine, Bluebonnet and Texas Bluebonnet. • The highest quality Lupin ever grown
    from seed! T&M flower breeders have done it again! Many years of breeding and selection have now given us this stunning
    new Lupin Tutti Frutti. Never before has there been a Lupin with as high a quality flower spike from seed. Normally, to
    get this quality, you would have to buy expensive cutting raised plants. Not only has Tutti Frutti been bred for its
    many large, top quality flower spikes on each plant, but it is also first year flowering from seed. Tutti Frutti, has
    also been specially selected for its mouthwatering range of attractive bicoloured flowers, in many different colour
    tones, many never seen before. This spectacular mixture is sure to add height, character and interest to the borders in
    your garden. T&M is offering a unique opportunity to grow this high quality Lupin selection at a fraction of the cost of
    cutting raised plants.


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