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Product Description

Hydroponic grow light 24-hour timer; UL listed

Easy to use

Ratings: 125v/60Hz/15a/1725w

15-Minute segments

For indoor use only

Imported from USA

With this easy-to-use timer, you can now automate the schedule of grow lights and exhaust fans in your hydroponics
system, and never have to worry about forgetting to turn ON/OFF your lights/fans. In addition to hydroponics systems,
this timer can also be used with household appliances. Operating Instructions: Unplug unit. Set duration of appliance to
stay ON by pushing down the small segments. Each segment is 15 minutes. Set CURRENT time by turning the timer dial
clockwise until the arrow points to the correct time. Plug appliance into timer. Plug timer into power outlet. Timer can
be overridden by using the red sliding switch on the side. Package Content: (1x) timer