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NOVA Medical Products Walker Glide Skis, Gray

Product Description

Walker Glide Skis attaches easily to most folding walkers with 1 1/8" shaft diameter (no tools)

Our durable Walker Glide Skis are made of a special engineered thermoplastic, polyoxymethylene (POM), designed for high stiffness, low friction, and maximum stability

Easy-to-clean and stylish, designed to glide easily over different surfaces and door jams

No more tennis balls! Get Walker Skis! Fits all 1 inch tube shaft walkers

Imported from USA

Optimizes walker performance and stability; attaches quickly to walker leg; no tools required; long lasting nylon
material. NOVA Walkers Skis are a must for any folding walker. They attach easily on the rear legs to allow the walker
to smoothly glide over surfaces door jams and other terrains. The durable plastic skis last much longer than tennis
balls and other glide options. Unlike tennis balls they also do not track or collect dirt and germs from the ground. The
attached rubber tip simply attaches to the tube of the walker leg – no tools required. Fits all 1 inch tube shaft