Pulmonica - The Pulmonary Harmonica Designed for Non-Musicians

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Product Description

Breathe better in as little as two weeks! Covered by 's Money-Back Guarantee!

No musical ability needed. Always sounds soothing just by breathing slowly and deeply. Promotes deep belly-breathing as a habit. Smooth to handle and a pleasure to use.

Low frequencies loosen secretions with only a few minutes of use twice a day. Research shows benefits of low tuning. This is NOT a regular harmonica.

Easy to keep clean. Can be submerged in 70%-91% isopropyl alcohol, rinsed in sterile water, and let air dry.

Invented in the USA, hand-made in Germany by the world's oldest harmonica manufacturer.

Imported from USA

Polished, stainless steel cover plates, Recessed German Silver reed plates, Stainless steel reeds for deep resonance,
ABS comb, Rounded corners to feel great, Submersible for rinsing clean. The Pulmonica is a specially tuned pulmonary
harmonica for non-musicians that produces unusually deep, resonant, meditative sounds that are felt gently pulsing the
lungs simply by breathing. Plus, it always sounds soothing, unlike any similar looking harmonicas, and provides variable
resistance for use. Good for people with COPD, asthma, cystic fibrosis, or others with breathing issues, or anyone who
wants to improve their breathing, such as singers, musicians, and athletes. The Pulmonica allows everyone to include
conscientious belly breathing and soothing, meditative sound in their daily routine. Instructions for use and a carrying
case, cleaning cloth, and care recommendations are included. Sustained belly breathing has been promoted for thousands
of years across many cultures as an achievable method of bringing more air into the lungs and more oxygen to the body
and mind than with chest breathing. Yet, almost all of us are chest breathers by mid-life. To learn to be belly
breathers, we need sustained practice. The Pulmonica makes that practice easy by providing positive feedback three ways:
(1) deeply resonant notes and chords, (2) always in tune and sounding harmonious and (3) gentle pulses that are often
felt in the lungs and sinuses. For interested musicians, the Pulmonica is tuned to LLG, uses spiral tuning, and produces
the complete diatonic chord scale (G, Am, Bm, C, D, Em, Fsharp dim) for over two octaves. The Pulmonica can serve as a
wonderful rhythm instrument in the Key of G. For soloists, it is more challenging because the reeds, gaps, and profiles
are set to optimize pulmonary usefulness, rather than musical playability. Invented in the USA by Harmonica Techs,
handcrafted in Germany by Seydel, the world's oldest harmonica manufacturer.

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