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Herbal Steam Bath, Thai Herb 200g X 2 Packs

Product Description

100% Natural Thai Herb, Easy to Use

help to relieve a toxic from the body

increase a pore in the skin made skin fresh

relaxes muscles and relieve muscles' pain

use with Portable Therapeutic Steam Sauna

Imported from USA

The easy way of nature to rejuvenate your body and mind, improve your health and vitality altogether benefits your body

The many benefits of heating the body with the Herbal Stream Bath include relaxing the muscles and expanding the blood
vessels, allowing a deep detoxification, cleaning the skin and sweating system, and eliminating pathogenic agents such
as viruses and bacteria which are less alike to resist high temperatures than healthy human body cells.

To use :

Use boiling them in a pot, put the pot near to body or under seat, cover body and steamed herbal with fabric.

or Use boiled water bath