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Euclayptus Shower Mist
Euclayptus Shower Mist
Euclayptus Shower Mist

Euclayptus Shower Mist

AED 327
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Product Description

Imported from USA

EuroSpa Aromatics eucalyptus oil is the essential oil of choice in the most exclusive spas in the USA. Now you can
achieve the same delightful aromatics and health benefits you would experience in a luxury resort steam room or spa at
home! A few sprays of EuroSpa Shower Mist into the steam above your shower head infuses the entire room with the
exhilirating, cleansing power of eucalyptus.

Designed to be used with any standard shower, it can also be used anywhere steam is generated. use it for your bath or
in your sink. If you have a home steam or sauna, Eucalyptus Shower Mist is an easy way to add essential oil benefits to
your unit.

Now save $1.25 off each bottle when you buy the Variety 4 pack. Enjoy all the different versions of our Eucalyptus oil
in one box.

Use eucalyptus oil for many other applications in your home

a)Analgesic effect - For any tired or overused muscle, including feet

b)Mosquito Repellant - 2nd only to DEET

c)Steam Room Improvement - Aromatherapy elimantes unpleasant odors

d) Use in hot shower or facial sauana - Same benefits as steam room

e)Freshen air in public restrooms

f)Aromatherapy - One of the most effectively and widely used oils for various aroma-therapeutic effects

g)Removes "stale air" smell from air conditioning ducts

h)Eliminates smoke odors in hotel/motel room furniture, drapes, etc.

i)Lavender complements this list with the additional benefits of anti-depressant, fatigue, headache, insomnia, stress &
anxiety relief

All those benefits come from vineole oil which is the primary component of eucalyptus oil. With Shower Mistyou are
recieving 100% pure oil. no additives. No extenders. Nothing but oil. Compare with othe rproducts that are not offering
the same quality.

Perfect size for traveling. Fits the TSA requirements for your carry on.