Lennox 20 Count Paper Cocktail Napkins, Floral Mead Humming Bird

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Product Description

Package of 20 cocktail size napkins

Stunning Lenox Floral Meadow Hummingbird Pattern

Sturdy yet soft 3-ply towels

Folded size is 5 x 5 Inch

Perfect to use with your Lenox China or on their own to add a splash of luxury to any event

While these stunning napkins will stand on their own, they're also designed to be used with Lenox china. Ideal Home
Range, or IHR, has gained a richly deserved worldwide reputation as the preeminent manufacturer of paper napkins and is
today considered to be the international market leader for table decoration and interior accessories. The products range
from tissue napkins in various sizes — to decorative candles, trays, tablecloths, home textiles and interior accessories
such as bone china, ceramics, porcelain, Christmas decor, ribbons and more. IHR is distributed in the USA exclusively
through it's partnership with Boston International.