Schutt XV Flex All Purpose Shoulder Pad

by Schutt

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Product ID: 622600


  • Ideal for Defensive End, Full Back, Tight End, Linebacker, Offensive End, and Defensive Line
  • The All Purpose pad has a longer cut to accommodate multiple athletes playing various positions while maintaining maximum comfort and performance.
  • This pad has customizeable deltoid pads that allow a wider range of motion on every pad and can be easily moved or removed for maximum comfort.
  • The XV Flex is the pad by which all high school pads are measured. This pad has the energy block transfer system that
    features new, thicker block padding. It has a contoured sub arch that reinforces the arch for maximum strength as well
    as a ventilated arch with 7mm vent holes that allow heat and excess sweat to escape and evaporate. It is treated with
    AEGIS agent that fights mold, mildew, fungus and other bacteria 24/7 and won't leach onto your skin. This pad also
    features stainless steel hardware, 3-point belt system, and a cutaway arch for complete range of motion and freedom of


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