Lace Lacing Leather Topgrain Latigo Cowhide Black 10 Feet Long 1 Piece

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Product Description

One Long Piece Genuine Topgrain Cowhide Latigo Lacing Leather, 10 feet long.

Color: Black.

Dimensions: 1/8" Wide x 3/32" Thick

A-1 Quality Topgrain Leather Lace!

Premium Quality Topgrain Latigo Lacing Leather. Dimensions: 1/8" Wide x 3/32" Thick. Excellent for all lacing
applications: has smooth topgrain finish, sueded bottom.

Strong and durable, yet supple and flexible- We have used this product for years in our own shop on our many leather
specialty products. Proudly Made in the USA!

True "Latigo" is tanned with special oils and fats, has a slightly waxy feel- stronger than standard topgrain, best for
durable outdoor use. Great for Sturdy Boot Laces, Ranch and Sporting equipment, Native American Crafts, clothing
accents, baseball gloves, handbags and purses, wallets, beading, jewelry and crafting, Scout projects, and a thousand
other uses...

Genuine Cowhide Topgrain Leather Lace as shown. Color: Black.