• Genuine Topgrain Veg Tan Cowhide, 1 Square Foot, one piece cut 12" x 12", Light Weight (3-4 oz) 1/32" thick..
  • Smooth top surface, grainy back; perfect for tooling, stamping, dying or carving..
  • Correct leather for wet moulding and masks..
  • Dangerous Threads' Leather Products (our -registered branded products) are manufactured according to our exact specifications, then carefully cut, packaged and shipped exclusively from our factory as shown. Dangerous Threads, Inc. has no other wholesaler, distributor, or sales agent of any kind that distributes our registered branded products..
  • Imported from USA.
A Great Deal on Good Quality Leather! This Lot: 1 Square foot, one piece cut 12" x 12", Light Weight (3-4 oz) Natural Undyed Veg Tan Leather Cowhide. A lot of great leather for the money! We have shipped thousands of pounds of our leather products to happy customers all over the world. Great for billfolds, leather linings, wristbands, handle wraps, light knife sheaths, mask applications, pet toys, key fobs, straps, Native American crafts, inlays, shoe insoles, fringes and trims, inlays, repairs, scout crafts, and a thousand other uses...