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Handmade Authentic Om Mani Padme Hum Mantra Prayer Tingsha Cymbals

Product Description

Size average between 2.5-2.75" (63.5-68.5mm) and Weight average between 7-8oz (198-227g).

Loudness average maximum 40db when struck together and Time sound lasts for average 10 seconds per ring.

Sound frequency between 23-26k hz (D7-E7) depending on cymbal.

Velvet and satin MANU TM safe keeping pouch included.

Imported from USA

What Is The Tingsha? The Tingsha originates as a religious ritual tool from Tibet and are musical cymbals used in
Buddhist prayer, and rituals. At present these musical instrument have transcended their past original use and have been
incorporated into personal meditation, music, sound healing and yoga. These cymbals, joined together by a leather strap
are struck together producing a clear and high pitched resonate tone. Typical size of Tingsha range from 2.5-2.7 inches
in diameter. There is variance because they are hand cast by artisans and not the factory mass produced ones you may see
elsewhere. The Tingsha are very thick and produce a unique long ringing tone. These Tingsha are made from special alloys
and Bronze to produce their harmonic spiritual overtones. Black Velvet and Satin Protective Carrying / Storage Pouch
Included. Namaste.