CTMWEB Bleach Cosplay Costume - Ichigo Kurosaki Kimono Black Small

by Ctmweb

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  • Brand new, never been used
  • Made by high quality material
  • Very soft and comfortable
  • Dimension: Height 165cm / 65.0in, Chest 90cm / 35.4in, Waist 74cm / 29.1in, Hip 90cm / 35.4in
  • Item location: China. Standard ETA: 6 - 10 business days. Expedited ETA: 3 - 6 business days.
  • The size of costumes provided by CTMWEB INC. is different from the US standard size. Please choose the size accordingly.

    Male Size Chart:

    XXS Dimension: Height 155cm / 61.0in, Chest 82cm / 32.3in, Waist 66cm / 26.0in, Hip 82cm / 32.3in

    XS Dimension: Height 160cm / 63.0in, Chest 86cm / 33.9in, Waist 70cm / 27.6in, Hip 86cm / 33.9in

    S Dimension: Height 165cm / 65.0in, Chest 90cm / 35.4in, Waist 74cm / 29.1in, Hip 90cm / 35.4in

    M Dimension: Height 170cm / 66.9in, Chest 94cm / 37.0in, Waist 78cm / 30.7in, Hip 94cm / 37.0in

    L Dimension: Height 175cm / 68.9in, Chest 98cm / 38.6in, Waist 82cm / 32.3in, Hip 98cm / 38.6in

    XL Dimension: Height 180cm / 70.9in, Chest 102cm / 40.1in, Waist 86cm / 33.9in, Hip 102cm / 40.1in

    XXL Dimension: Height 185cm / 72.8in, Chest 106cm / 41.7in, Waist 90cm / 35.4in, Hip 106cm / 41.7in

    XXXL Dimension: Height 190cm / 74.8in, Chest 110cm / 43.3in, Waist 94cm / 37.0in, Hip 110cm / 43.3in

    We also accept customized order with no additional charge. Please send us the following measurements:

    1 weight

    2 Height

    3 Neck, Around the neck

    4 Shoulder Width, Width between shoulder ends, taken at back

    5 Bust, Around the biggest part of bust

    6 Waist, Around the natural waistline

    7 Hip, Around the biggest part of hips

    8 Shoulder to Waist, Shoulder seam to natural waistline, taken at back

    9 Arm Circumference, Around the thickest part of upper arm

    10 Arm Length, From shoulder seam to your wrist

    11 Cuff Circumference, Desired cuff circumference



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