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Silverhill Tools ASDTS1 Pentalobe Screwdriver Size 1 for iPhone (ALL MODELS)

Product Description

For iPhone 4 and 4s, includes suction cup for screen removal

Made of high quality S2 steel to resist chipping, bending, and stripping

Special ergonomic grip, cap spins, allowing you to easily apply pressure while turning

Specially made tip has a hole in it for removing tamper resistant screws

Not for all iPhone 4 on the market, some iPhone 4 requires a Phipllip Number00, check your phone bvefore ordering.

Imported from USA

Sometimes a fix can be as simple as being able to disassemble your phone. These screwdrivers are made of high quality S2
steel, the best steel Silverhill Tools uses in its tool products. Also included is a suction cup which can be used to
pull your screen out of your phone after you remove the screws. A small pry pick is also included. In late 2010, Apple
switched the screw style on the iPhone 4 from a standard Phillips screwdriver to a 5 point star screwdriver size TS1.
Before selecting this screwdriver for purchase, all customers should look at the bottom of their iPhone 4 and see if it
has a "plus" or a "star" screw.