Fashion Id 36" Beaded Badge Holder Lanyard w/ Breakaway Neck

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Product Description

Breakaway magnetic safety clasp

Durable Snap-on badge clip

2 position ID holder

36" hand beaded necklace

11 colors to choose from!

Our customers have been asking - so here they are! StyleWear Fashion ID Colorful Beaded Badge Holder - Necklace -
Lanyard! Comes with 2 position Plastic ID Holder. Breakaway magnetic safety clasp - great for nurses! Durable snap on
badge clip. 36" long. Inside of ID holder measures 3 3/4" X 2 1/2". Great for ID's, Keys, Kids, Sports, Coaches, Nurses,
Teachers, Soccer Mom's, and anyone that needs to carry stuff around their neck! Choose Your Color!