MiracleFold Laundry Folder Clothes T-Shirts Pants Towels Organizer Fast Easy and Fun Time Saver (Orange)

by Miracle Fold

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  • MiracleFold folds shirts and garments evenly & uniformly in just 5 seconds^The MiracleFold will turn your closets and drawers into a MIRACLE of organization^The MiracleFold takes up close to ZERO storage space^The MiracleFold is manufactured using the best quality material; tough but smooth plastic^Easy to use
  • Made of the best quality Polyurethane making it sturdy and durable. Keeps garments, closets, shelves and drawers tidy
    and organized . Saves many hours of laundry and makes the whole laundry process fun and easy. Dedicated hand slots and
    the no slip back rubber strip make it easy and fast to grab the panels and fold them in and out Built in hanging slots
    allows it to be hung anywhere when not in use, it even comes with its own adhesive hook, retro shaped apertures keeps
    air flowing to avoid garment snag. No maintenance required, takes up close to zero storage space


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