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Nordic Ware Microwave Micro-Go-Round 10 Inch

Product Description

10-Inch spring loaded turntable requires being wound it up in order to spin. Placing a weighted item on turntable releases it to unwind which will make it revolve in the microwave. When the item is removed, the table will stop turning. You must re-wind each use. If the product still isn't working, we have a 5 year warranty through the Nordic Ware website.

Weight activated mechanism rotates food to ensure even cooking

Designed for full- and midsized microwave ovens

Hand wash with mild detergent. Material: BPA-free and Melamine Free Plastic

Made in the USA

Imported from USA

NordicWare's handy Microware TM series for the microwave gives home chefs the tools they need for clean, lean, and fast
cooking. This 10-inch Micro-Go-Round turntable eliminates the infamously uneven heating that can turn soup into a risky
escapade (will the next sip be scorching or cold?) or transform a frozen dinner into, well, something still half frozen.
Weight-activated to begin rotating, the roomy round tool has a steady spring-powered movement that capitalizes on the
active microwaves to cook all parts of food equally. An internal reflecting disc also helps by directing heat up into
the underside of food. Suitable for midsized and large microwave ovens, the Micro-Go-Round is a smart, space-efficient
solution-perhaps sometimes it is a good idea to recreate the wheel. --Kara Karll