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NaturOli Warm and Sensual Massage Oil -100% Natural Blend. - Unisex Body Oil - Safe for Intimacy. - Made in USA!

Product Description

Long lasting, extra large 8-oz size! - New elegantly styled bottle. Share the most pleasurable massage & intimacy oil ever formulated. A wondrous custom blend of only the finest natural oils are carefully selected for the ultimate massage experience. - GLUTEN, CORN, & SOY FREE! - VEGAN!

Ideal absorbency - never sticky, oily, or greasy. Very light unisex scent from pure essential oils. A superb formula. - No desire or need to shower after use. Utterly sublime...simply bask in the afterglow.

Slightly warming while being applied. Luxurious, healthy & nourishing. An uncompromising 100% pure blend of premium, all-natural botanical oils. ------ No chemicals, fillers, additives, preservatives or synthetics of any kind. ------ Ultra rich in anti-oxidants & nutrients. Leaves your skin soft, tender, & smooth - desiring to be touched.

HOT PRESS: 8-7-14: Organic Spa Magazine selects NaturOli for the following honor: "2014 Skin & Hair Care Guide: BEST Natural & Organic Brands In The Market" ------ Find more NaturOli products (including Combo & Variety Sets) at our Amazon Store: ------ Available in a custom Gift Boxed Set with extra goodies. See item: B001R3222I.

Imported from USA

The most popular, natural, botanical, Sensual Massage for 5 years running! For the ultimate in richness, quality,
healthiness and sheer pleasure, there's no substitute. Formulated to be luxurious, sublime and fun, while healthy,
conditioning and nourishing. It is a true ALL BODY formula - and experience! 100% chemical free. Formulated to be more
absorbent than typical oils. You experience the afterglow of a wonderful massage, and also enjoy nourished skin that's
soft, tender, smooth and touchable. Not oily, sticky, greasy, waxy or tacky. Slightly warming. Light unisex scent - no
synthetic fragrance. No need to shower after use as common with most oils. An uncompromising blend of premium, natural
botanical oils. More effective and enjoyable than a stand alone oil or butter. Ultra rich in anti-oxidants and
nutrients. Allow its rich and healthy ingredients to absorb and rejuvenate your skin while enjoying true bliss. NaturOli
is a proud Signer and "CHAMPION" of the Environmental Working Group and Skin Deep's "Safety in Cosmetics Campaign".
Produced and bottled in IN THE USA! NOTE: Don't expect overwhelming. It's not formulated with anything that "heats up"
or contrary to our goal of exquisitely pleasurable, plus safe for intimacy. Our emphasis is on a medium for a sublime
experience, nothing more. It enhances - not overwhelms. There's many overpowering, cheaper oils. If you're
discriminating in your taste, and seek the ultimate oil for achieving a truly "natural" high and experience - then our
oil is made for YOU. NOTE: Product must be stored upright after being opened as the product is a lubricating oil and
could loosen the cap or leak through the toggle.